Local action group (LAG) “Panonski fijaker”

Local action group (LAG) “Panonski fijaker” is an association founded with the aim of achieving goals in the management of sustainable rural growth in accordance with the LEADER principles in order to improve the quality of life in local communities. LAG is a new form of interest association of public, private and civil sector.

LAG is operational in 15 settlements: Aleksa Šantić, Bački Monoštor, Bački Breg, Bezdan, Gakovo, Doroslovo, Kolut, Kljajićevo, Svetozar Miletić, Stanišić, Stapar, Ridjica, Rastina, Telečka, Čonoplja. All of which are administered from and are territorially a part of the City of Sombor.

Key of success is found in the partnership between civil, private and public sector on the local level, as well as in a cooperation with other countries members of the European Union.

Vision of LAG is to provide an opportunity for everyone to create differences through which an efficient and quick answer to societal challenges could be given.

Mission of LAG is to form innovative, entrepreneurial and competitive rural communities which will be able to provide conditions for improvement of local life and which will enable the people from these communities to think and act as a change holders.

Objectives of LAG: promotion of cooperation (local, regional, national, international); development support (technical support); connecting interest groups; direction of development through the implementation of Local Strategy of Rural Development; identifying projects of interest; supporting innovations.

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